I’ve been experiencing with Twitter with my Business English/Spanish students. Here I’ll be embedding tweets that relate to different topics. They are usually tweets with inspiring quotes that can foster reflection and critical thinking beyond the classroom. You can use them in many different ways:

  • You could show students one or two tweets at the beginning or end of each class to initiate discussion or to close with a meaningful quote.
  • You could ask students to include some of the tweets that inspired them in their (digital) portfolios and reflect upon why they chose that quote and how they can apply that message to their everyday (professional) lives.
  • You could start a collection of slides or a Storify timeline with some tweets that relate to a specific topic and have students add on to it. They could explain informally or during a presentation why they chose those particular tweets and which message they carry.
  • You could use them to show examples on how professionals in different sectors are engaging in discussions via Twitter and inspire them to start “connecting” via Twitter as well.
  • For foreign language classes, you could reflect on authentic language use.
  • Twitter feeds about grammar: you could use them as authentic content to teach that particular function and to collect real examples of language in use.

For more ideas on how to use Twitter for education, please check this post: 3 reflections before using Twitter for education.

More coming…

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