This brilliant infographic designed by outlines the top 10 elearning statistics as we enter 2014. Very impressive stats that confirm how e-learning, ed tech tools and ed tech innovation and integration are advancing at a high speed and transforming our educational experience in a way we may have never imagined!

E-learning has boomed in the last 10 years. Back in 2002 when I was in college in PA, I took some distance learning courses because of their flexibility. I was working and pursuing my studies at the same time. Back then I still had the feeling that a distance learning course was only for when the class meeting hours were impossible for me. I remember getting a bunch of VHS videos for my American History class. We had to watch them, write papers about them and participate in discussion forums through Blackboard.

Back in 2003, 16% of US undergraduates were enrolled in at least one online course. If we see the stats below, about 5 out of 10 college students are taking at least one distance learning course this year 2013. The numbers are growing rapidly, not counting how many private institutions are offering online courses for all kinds of subject areas.

The massive open online course (MOOC) movement has also revolutionized education and major universities are now offering free courses for the masses. The topics or subject areas, you name it, they’ve got them all. All those ed tech tools & programs we’re curious about, web design, business strategies, anything really, we can learn it.

Companies are investing more and more in online professional development. It’s the perfect way to stay up-to-date. To keep employees motivated. Nearly 25% of employees leave their jobs because there aren’t enough training or learning opportunities. The message is clear: We want to learn.

Learning is more than ever in our hands. Anytime. Anywhere. Free even. We continue to learn ourselves; we encourage students and employees to keep learning: Leading by learning is the future.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 eLearning stats for 2014: The future is bright for eLearning

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    Thank you very much for the mention. Maybe your readers find valuable the article that briefly explains the Top 10 eLearning Statistics for 2014 Infographic. (

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  2. Hi, Carolina,

    You have presented some very impressive statistics on the future of eLearning and its extensive growth the college and business environments. Due to technological advances and the growing trend of homeschooling, K-12 online learning has also skyrocketed over the past several years. The number of students enrolled in full-time online public schools increased from 50,000 in 2006-2007 to 275,000 in 2011-2012 (Watson, Murin, Vashaw, Gemin, & Rapp, 2012).

    This is interesting because when I was growing up, the online learning option was not available for students. Today, students have the option to study 100% percent online, study in the classroom 100% of the time or to take a combination of online and classroom courses. While my son was in high school last year, my husband and I decided to let him take one of his core academic subjects online. Since he had a very busy schedule playing baseball, this allowed him to have some additional flexibility with his classwork. My son was able to do this although he was still enrolled in public high school full time.

    Currently, I am enrolled in a full-time online master’s program at Walden University majoring in Instructional Design and Technology. The online classroom option has proven to be an extremely valuable option for me since I have a very busy schedule including caring for a family and working full-time.


    Watson, J., Murin, A., Vashaw, L., Gemin, B., & Rapp, C. (2012). Keeping pace with K-12 online learning 2012. Retrieved from

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