These are two great and simple articles to talk about personal traits, abilities and capabilities (something we usually cover in the basic language levels) and make connections with job search.

The first article talks about the 10 most common words Spanish LinkedIn professionals use to describe themselves on their CVs. This is a great way to introduce relevant vocabulary and to start discussion on personality traits that make you stand out on your job search. Students could think of examples of what it means to be “creativo”, “motivado” or “apasionado” in their particular career contexts and how they can show employers that they possess these skills.

The second article discusses job search strategies. It gives concrete steps such as defining your objectives, knowing yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, doing networking, etc. and it also provides basic questions prior to job search such as ¿Cómo soy?, ¿Qué sé?, Qué se hacer?, ¿Dónde quiero trabajar?, ¿Cuáles son los sectores que más me interesan?, etc. Again, great questions to practice basic skills while making real-life connections.

These activities will also help you get to know more about your students, their personality, their personal goals and career aspirations!

4 thoughts on “Professional Spanish in the basic levels

    • ¡Muchas gracias, Sonia! Das pasos muy claros y preguntas claves que pueden ser útiles para cualquier persona que busca trabajo. En mi caso, el vocabulario es muy pertinente para usar en clase con estudiantes de español profesional y una oportunidad para que comiencen a explorar sus metas profesionales :-)

  1. Always such good stuff from you, Carolina. Those are very good resources and good suggestions about how to use them. Thank you!

    • ¡Gracias, Ann! You know, after your webinar, I was trying to find a couple of articles that tackle basic level skills & make real connections with careers (job search in this case). So thank YOU! :-)

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