At the last Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Conference in Antwerp (July, 2014), Kris Buyse from KU Leuven presented a variety of strategies to support foreign language students during the writing process.

Linguee is one of the tools he mentioned. I definitely think Linguee is worth sharing with your students. I have to say that since then, I’ve been using this tool myself quite often when writing in Dutch. I’ll usually look for words using the language combination tool – Spanish-Dutch/Dutch-Spanish or English-Dutch/Dutch-English in this case – and the results that come up will most likely be exactly what I was looking for. Linguee is specially helpful when looking for the right preposition, for different word combinations and when looking for examples of how the word is used in context, whether that is day to day, academic or professional contexts.

Take a look:


If you know the word you want to use in Spanish but you are not sure of the correct preposition or you want to see all word combinations, type the word directly in Spanish into and you will find a variety of possibilities. Here I typed “tratar” and this is what I got:

linguee palabra tratar



If you type the word “keep”, you will get different word combinations immediately. Once you choose the one you were looking for, in this case “keep in touch”, you will see different short texts where this word is being used in context.

linguee word keep


linguee keep in touch


Spanish language combinations:
English language combinations:
Dutch language combinations:


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