Google Forms are just great! They are fun to make and students love them. You can use Google Forms to create surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, self-evaluation forms at the end of a unit, etc. So far I’ve basically used them as self-evaluation forms or as questionnaires to collect data from the students about a certain topic we’re covering in class. The nice features are: 1) you get all students’ responses on an excel sheet that you can then easily manipulate and 2) you have the “summary of responses” option, which gives you a visual overview (tables, graphs, pie charts) of all responses that you can always discuss in class and let students see. You can see some of these examples and the explanation on how to create forms on my previous post.

When I gave a workshop on Google Drive tools last Saturday and we were discussing Google Forms, someone asked me if there was some sort of self-correction tool integrated into Google Forms. I wasn’t sure. I’ve never used them to give formal quizzes or tests to students. And I’ve been using Google Drive in my classes since last school year so there’s still lots to discover for sure. Well at that moment during the workshop, we all thought that such a tool would be ideal!

The good news is that nowadays when we wish that some kind of ed tech tool existed to perform some kind of task, that tool is very likely to exist!! And in this case, that tool is called Flubaroo!

How does Flubaroo work?

1) Create your Google Form as usual.

Here’s the one I’ll be using:

2) Submit a response yourself that will serve as the answer key later.

3) Send the form to your students via email or post the link in your class website.

4) Install Flubaroo and let it do the work!

As you can see, not all my questions were multiple choice and it still worked perfectly! You have now a nice summary of total points per student, their percentage, the total average and average per question, the questions where more than 40% scored low, etc.

Under the Flubaroo menu on the spreadsheet, you have now the option to view a report and also to email the individual grades to your students (with an answer key). To be able to send an automatic email with the grades, you need to include a question on the original form which asks students to enter their email address.

So that’s Flubaroo: a great tool that will grade your Google Form quizzes, create grade reports, and email your students their individual grades. If you’ve used Google Forms + Flubaroo or are planning to use them, please share your ideas or comments below.


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