MOOCs: authentic content and intercultural exchange for Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP) students

As language teachers, we promote language and cultural exchange programs among college and university students. However, for various reasons, the majority of students will not complete internships in foreign countries or study abroad programs during their college years. For this reason, universities need to develop international curricula and expand language and digital learning so that […]

How to introduce Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP) content in basic language courses?

There is great controversy over whether Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP) should be taught at the basic language levels. The truth is that teachers cannot anticipate which specific skills their students will need in the workplace or which specific work situation they will encounter. Students often don’t know that either so every academic course should […]

Professional Spanish in the basic levels

These are two great and simple articles to talk about personal traits, abilities and capabilities (something we usually cover in the basic language levels) and make connections with job search. The first article talks about the 10 most common words Spanish LinkedIn professionals use to describe themselves on their CVs. This is a great way […]

Twitter to talk about success and failure

I used some of these tweets with my Business Spanish classes. For more ideas on how to use Twitter with your students, check this post. Los 8 Secretos del Éxito, de 8 Grandes Emprendedores. ➜ | — Nuevos Emprendedores (@NuEmprendedores) May 29, 2014 Inventa, reinventa y haz cosas nuevas todo el tiempo, es la […]

Preparing students for a global community: Leadership & Language

Nice initiative from Rosetta Stone. They’re partnering with school districts in the US to offer an alternate, complementary method for teaching foreign languages, where students can work from home or independently in class – in work stations – and develop their language skills in a personalized way. They’re offering free webinars such as this one […]