Hello everyone! Thanks for reading my blog!

I’m a foreign language teacher since 2007 (mainly Spanish & ESL). I started teaching in PA, USA, where I used to live. I live now four years in Antwerp, Belgium. I’ve always been passionate about languages; that led me into the teaching career actually. And teaching led me to my fascination with educational technology. As a first, second and third-year teacher probably :-)  I was more worried about getting down the basics, finding my way, following the trends.

I’ve been ready quite some time to take a different step now. This blog is a part of that, a way to share my ideas, experiences and hopefully to inspire others. I’ve recently been (re)inspired by the instructional design model and how all our learning activities in class, tasks, goals and use of technology should revolve around that for them to be meaningful for students. You can read more about that on my very first post. This is more meant to be a short introduction of who I am. So maybe I should have started by saying that I’m Carolina Egúsquiza, 31 years old, originally from Lima, Perú. I lived 8 years in PA, USA and now I live in Antwerp, Belgium. Why? Yes, a guy, a Belgian guy: Stefan. He’s the father of my two lovely sons!

This blog is also meant to be a personal portfolio where I’ll not only post ideas and material for language teaching & learning, but also on the evolution of my PhD research, as a sort of self-reflection and self-evaluation. Also a space to share interesting resources and to gradually create and add my own…

Please feel free to comment on any of my posts, to ask questions or to make suggestions. Thanks!

Written on November, 2013.

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